About Fired By Design

Fired By Design features news, reviews, interviews and articles by Michael Burns, a freelance writer based in the UK.

It focuses on a broad range of the visual arts, from graphic design and illustration through to visual effects and film and TV post production.

Content includes news of hot projects and commentary on general design, film and broadcast industry trends, as well as other exclusively online material.

Fired By Design also acts as an online resource and showcase for some of my published work, offering an archive of interviews and features, some previously available only in an edited form.

I’ve been a freelance writer and magazine journalist for over twenty years, writing for titles covering design and digital content creation, broadcast production, TV and film post production and animation. 

Before going freelance in 2001, I held various editorial posts in the UK publishing market, including positions such as editor of CGI Magazine, creator and editor-in-chief of the Future Publishing portal Computercreative.com,  as well as senior editorial roles on Macuser and Macworld magazines.

I’ve also curated/produced conferences for a number of professional sectors, including VFX, archive/restoration and sports broadcasting, and have written several books on digital content creation.

Here are some links to my work online:

Articles for Broadcast Magazine

Articles for Digital Arts

Articles for Televisual

Reviews for Macworld

If you are interested in hiring me for my copywriting and editing skills, please get in touch.

If you’re in PR, you can find out more details about me by searching for Michael Burns at the Journalist Directory

Any enquiries and any comment, please email michael at firedbydesign.com

Michael Burns, February 2020

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