Purple bottles 20-year birthday booze for business benefactors



Celebrating 20 years of business, Purple Creative has created a very limited edition blended Scotch whisky in four different specially-designed bottles.

The design agency was founded by three friends, Steve Bewick, Andy Harding and Gary Westlake in 1993, after finishing their degree at Preston Polytechnic (now the University of Central Lancashire). It was kick-started with a Prince’s Youth Trust grant.


Two hundred bottles of ‘XX Whisky’ will be given to the people and companies who have helped, supported, commissioned, collaborated, taught and inspired Purple over the last 20 years. The whisky itself was specially made for Purple by a benefactor, wishing to remain anonymous to reserve all the attention for the agency.

Rather than create a traditional whisky bottle, with serious whisky cues, the bottle was designed to be a celebration of Purple, capturing the fun, stories, eccentricities, culture, informality, friendships, work, people and places of the last 20 years. All 44 people who work and have worked at Purple are named and celebrated on the illustrations.


Purple designers distilled the thousands of nostalgic stories into four illustrations, beautifully and comically brought to life by illustrator Chris Martin. There are four bottle designs, each representing different periods in the Purple story.

The bottle has been finished in midnight black, while the illustrations have been screen-printed in white. The bottle has a Corian stone stopper. The blended Scotch whisky was bottled at The London Distillery

2._demonA statement from Purple founders said, “We’ve been lucky to have worked with some of the world’s best alcohol brands over the years. And we know that all our clients, mentors, friends and family either appreciate good whisky, good design, or both. They are the ones who have got us to where we are, so we couldn’t think of a better way to say a big thank you to all of them. We started Purple 20 years ago, just when we left college, and we are fully aware how rare and special it is that we’re all still together (and talking!) after all that time!”


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