Worldbuster – creating 2012

Uncharted Territory, the lead visual effects house and co-producers of 2012, created over 400 shots mainly using 3ds Max for modelling, UV mapping, rigging and animation; Maya and Softimage software products for modelling; and MotionBuilder software for pre-visualisation, motion capture and final animation. Multiple plug-ins for 3ds Max were also used.

Uncharted Territory created the total destruction of fully computer-generated photoreal Los Angeles and Las Vegas. “3ds Max software’s OpenEXR format allowed us to push through an amazing volume of work in a relatively short time,” said CG Effects Supervisor Ari Sachter-Zeltzer.



“Autodesk’s FBX format was another real time saver,” said Marc Weigert, co-producer and VFX supervisor on the movie. “It eased file exchange between the various Autodesk software packages and helped us deliver on budget and on schedule.”



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