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Creative agency ATTIK and car maker Scion recently launched an Augmented Reality (AR) game component of the Scion “Take On the Machine” campaign, honoured today as FWA’s Site of the Day.

“With the Take On the Machine Augmented Reality game, our goal was to engage people with the bold and aggressive new Scion tC, and earning an FWA Award is a great measure of our success,” said Simon Needham, ATTIK’s co-founder and executive creative director. “We take this as yet another acknowledgment of the successful, ongoing collaborations with our clients at Scion. Now entering our ninth year of working together, we continue to push each other to new heights, as proven by this latest FWA recognition.”

The "Take On the Machine" Augmented  Reality game

The "Take On the Machine" Augmented Reality game is an FWA winner. Image courtesy of ATTIK.

The cross-media, multi-staged “Take On the Machine” campaign kicked off this August, targeting young, predominantly male drivers across the U.S. with numerous innovative marketing initiatives promoting the all new 2011 Scion tC sports coupe. Needham worked very closely with Scion’s marketing executives, as well as ATTIK’s creative director Ron Lim, interactive creative director Jacob Ford, senior writer Mike Brenner, senior art director Greg Coffin, and other members of the agency’s team, to conceive the strategy, and to bring each deliverable to life. Needham personally directed the cinema/broadcast spots through Blueyed Pictures and Imaginary Forces.

For the AR game, ATTIK enlisted North Kingdom for design, relying upon Filterfilm for 3D graphics and Dataduktus for backend programming.

Poster for the "Take On the Machine" game with Augmented Reality marker. Image courtesy of ATTIK.

“When they conceived this campaign, Simon, Ron, Greg and Mike looked very closely at the concept of taking on the machine,” began Jacob Ford. “We then set out to create something that would make the tC more tangible. When the idea for an AR game came up, the priorities for us quickly became playability, visual quality, and story.”

ATTIK's Greg Coffin demonstrates the "Take On the Machine" Augmented Reality game. Image courtesy of ATTIK.

“This project represents the direction ATTIK is now moving in,” Ford continued, “where broad cooperation across disciplines is our primary focus. As a creative group, we first come up with the best idea, then we figure out how that’s applied in any given medium. From there, it’s all about working with our partners to find the best use of technology to involve the audience and connect with them.”

ATTIK's Greg Coffin demonstrates the "Take On the Machine" Augmented Reality game. Image courtesy of ATTIK.

Ron Lim provided more insights into the objectives for the AR game. “Although AR’s been done, it has never been done in this way and at this level of detail,” he explained. “Instead of using the AR marker as an activation device, we really made it part of the experience. Using the marker as a steering wheel is unique, and the graphics are far beyond any other AR experiences. North Kingdom really came through for us in bringing our ideas to life.”

Along with Simon Needham, Ron Lim, Jacob Ford, Mike Brenner and Greg Coffin, ATTIK’s team for this campaign also included interactive art director Jeff Fang, designer Gabe Nguyen, senior broadcast producer Patty Lum, senior print producer Melanie Magatelli, interactive producer Maribel Arellano, account director Katherine Stout, senior account manager Michelle O’Hea and account manager Jennifer Lucero. Campaign music is courtesy of Face the Music.

Open window to print AR Marker and play the game


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