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Love’s Tokyo-based director Muto Masashi has created a starkly high-tech promo for DJ Tiesto and the Sneaky Sound Systemloveimage1

For the new track, “I Will Be Here”, Muto Masashi was inspired by his native Tokyo. The director draws on visual elements of the city, with stark lighting and colours and sharp cuts to create an impersonal, hi-tech environment for the promo’s star character – a hard-working Japanese office worker played by a real Honda Asmio robot. The pounding rhythm of the track mirrors the pattern of the worker’s day – his late nights at the office and his laborious journey on the subway.


“It was interesting to see how Tiesto’s music could be incorporated into the essence of Tokyo, said Muto. “One of the main elements of this was the hardworking ethic of the Japanese office worker and I had a perfect character in mind – a guy who lives, eats, sleeps like the honda asimo robot. I called him up and gave him the special mission to spread Tiesto’s sound through the streets of Tokyo. It was an amazing project.”

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Artist: Tiesto And Sneaky Sound System
Track: I Will Be Here (14th Floor)
Production Company: LOVE
Director: Masashi Muto
Exec producer: Paul Mckee
Line Producer: Sumitaka Fushimizu
Co-writer Steve Nakamura
DoP: Masashi Muto
Lighting design: Masao Kato
Art Dept: Takashi Ito/Shigeru Arai
Stylist: Kyoko Fushimi
CG designer: Takayuki Taketa, Masato Endo
Commissioner: CJ and John Hassay @ New Selecta

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