Cutting-edge character art

Two new titles from Pictoplasma offer delights to lovers of character illustration and animation.  Characters in Motion – Vol. 3 continues the successful series about outstanding animation in motion, narration and rhythm, while Pen to Paper showcases a fine selection of radical character design created with pen and analogue techniques.

Characters in Motion Vol. 3 invites you on a psychedelic journey through the character populated worlds of over 50 forward-looking, stylistically outstanding studios, animators and designers. The DVD is jam-packed with over 3 hours of character-centric animations, music visuals, motion graphics and experimental short films. The accompanying book presents the graphical quality of character design and visuals in depth. With works by Saiman Chow, Mc Bess, David OReilly, Soandso, Ian Stevenson, Fluorescent Hill, Eric Lerner, Stephen Irwin, WKTokyolab, Nelson Boles and many more.

Characters in Motion Vol. 3 (edited by Pictoplasma / Lars Denicke & Peter Thaler, published by Pictoplasma Publishing, Berlin is 29,90 EUR)

Pen to Paper examines the recent revival of dilettante and outsiders art  that has brought an immense visual wealth to the world of illustration, fine art and character design. It showcases the key players of what is being labelled “DIY art” “fractured figuration” or “new psychedelic folk”, with works by Shoboshobo, Allyson Mellberg Taylor, Andrew James Jones, John Casey, Dennis Tyfus, Luke Ramsey, Eric Shaw, Thomas Bernard, Lane Hagood, Kerozen and many more.

Pen to Paper (edited by Pictoplasma / Lars Denicke & Peter Thaler, published by Pictoplasma Publishing, Berlin is 39,90 EUR)

Launch Event

Lars Denicke and Peter Thaler will launch the books at the Pictoplasma Berlin Festival 2010, a 2-day conference with artist lectures, presentations and screenings on April 9 & 10.  Over the course of 2 days, an international line-up of established and up-coming artists, directors, animators and designers will present their work in lectures and inspiring artist talks. To accompany this is a program of animation screenings and special events to showcase the very best of today’s characters in motion, with selected work ranging from music visuals, motion graphics, narrative shorts and experimental animation.

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