Free Nuke tutorials from The Foundry online.

The Foundry is offering over 50 comprehensive free Nuke tutorials by industry pro Frank Rueter and top trainer Steve Wright

Over the last few months The Foundry has enlisted Rueter and Wright to assist the in-house demo team in producing a comprehensive set of Nuke tutorials. Frank Rueter brings his expertise from Weta Digital and Digital Domain to the tutorials, which include basic workflows, general UI, Python scripting, keying and colour space.

Over fifty tutorials can be downloaded now from The Foundry’s website

Nuke 6.0 is currently scheduled for release this month, January 2010. Simultaneously, The Foundry plans to launch NukeX 6.0.

Nuke 6.0 incorporates a completely new shape rotoscope and paint toolset based on a rewritten core curve library and new RotoPaint node. It introduces a flexible, non-destructive, layer based paint hierarchy integrated with Nuke’s animation and tracking capabilities and supporting per-object attributes such as blending modes and motion blur. In addition, The Foundry’s highly acclaimed Keylight keyer will be a standard feature included with Nuke 6.0.

NukeX 6.0 has all of the tools and features of Nuke 6.0, but also aims to bring additional, powerful, technologies within the reach of visual effects artists. Many of these tools and technologies are expensive to purchase and maintain, but would make a considerable difference to the overall speed, efficiency and quality of work produced by artists if they had access to them.

This first release includes a fully integrated 3D camera tracker. You can do your own camera solves, create 3D geometry and position objects and cards at the right place in the scene whenever you need to. Lens distortion tools are another addition, giving you multiple ways to analyse image sequences and lens grids, resulting in a lens model and the ability to warp and un-warp in order to compensate for lens distortion.

NukeX will also incorporate FurnaceCore – 12 of The Foundry’s best Furnace tools including Kronos, the optical flow re-timer, grain and de-grain tools, rig-removal and more.

NukeX will cost $6,000/£4,000 and NukeX maintenance will be $1,200/£800 a year. Nuke 6.0 will remain at the current price of $3,500/£2,300 with annual maintenance pegged at $1,000/£650.

If you can’t afford the full version, get started with the Personal Learning Edition of Nuke.

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