Review:Modo 401

My review of Luxology modo 401 has been posted on the Digital Arts sitemodo 401

I said “Already a well specified modelling tool, modo gets stronger in animation and particularly rendering with the 401 release. There‚Äôs now a preset library, packed with models, textures, environments and materials”


I talk about the boost to rendering offered by support for direct caustics, which uses photon mapping to enable more realism in glass and jewellery. There are options such as dispersion to add a tint to refracted light rays, and blurry refraction for use in effects such as frosted glass.


I also discuss fur rendering, which in Modo draws on the underlying layer for colour and other appearance attributes and Light Linking, which allows you to tie a light to specific meshes, so that only those parts of the scene are illuminated.

Other features covered in the review include stereoscopic rendering, support for Collada and FBX and Modo’s new Replicators.


Read the full review on Digital Arts

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