Review: E-On Vue 8

My review for E-On Software Vue 8 has been posted on Digital Arts

The eighth version of E-on’s 3D landscape creation software offers the ability to create more terrains and more realistic clouds and skies. I rated it 4 out of 5

The Pros included an enhanced terrain editor with 3D sculpting, zones and brush effects, some display enhancements, the inclusion of Spectral 3 clouds and separate displacement channel.

However xStream was found to be unstable with Softimage 2010, Poser 8 import wasn’t great and there were some EcoSystem limitations with xStream in Maya.

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  1. Damion Avant says:

    I really like what you post here, very insightful and intelligent. One thing though, I’m running Firefox on Ubuntu and parts of your layout pieces are a little misaligned. I know it’s not a common setup, but it’s still something to to keep in mind. Just shooting you a heads up.

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