Bright Sparks

In-depth interviews with inspirational creatives

Q & A Brian Ewing –  Metal, punk girls and poster art

Get inside the skull of Brian Ewing, one of rock music and pop art’s most prolific, iconic image-makers.


The Drawaholic :- a chat with Akinori Oishi

An interview with illustrator Akinori Oishi, self-confessed ‘drawaholic’ in preparation for his visit to Scotland’s NEoN Festival in November.


Pictoplasma at NEoN10

An interview with Lars Denicke from Pictoplasma about the duo’s work and forthcoming appearance at Scotland’s NEoN10 digital arts festival


David Vickery

Fired By Design tracks down David Vickery, Double Negative’s VES Award-winning VFX Supervisor on Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes


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