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Green animation

Directed by UBIK and described as ‘eco-friendly stop frame’, Not to Scale has produced a new animated commercial for Proctor and Gamble

African tournament

The football may be over, but the fight against Malaria continues. Such is the message of the film for FIFA and the World Cup closing Ceremony created by Not To Scale’s Steve Scott.

By the numbers

Not To Scale directors Vincent have designed MTV’s end of year countdown, as well as a flurry of toy-themed stings and sequences

Human nature

Not To Scale’s Man Vs Magnet has just completed a heart-warming film for Nokia and Wieden + Kennedy London

Dynamic debut

A new project for Zurich Connect sees Not to Scale director Chris Ketchell bring his characters from the world of stop-frame animation into 3D for the first time.

Retro planet

Retro planet

Not To Scale’s Steve Scott and cult illustrator Will Sweeney have created an intergalactic extravanganza for Birdy Nam Nam

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