Adobe celebrates thirty years of Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is thirty this year.

Launched in 1987 on the original Mac, it transformed graphic design by letting creatives create and publish vector artwork. The latest version, Illustrator CC 2017, is the twenty-first generation in the product line.

Today, more than 180 million graphics are created with Adobe Illustrator on a monthly basis, and the company is marking thirty years of the software with a celebratory logo and some evolutionary animations, such as the splash screens (above) and Toolbars (below).

“Everybody said, ‘You’re going to ruin good design because now anybody can do it.’ But with Illustrator, the cream rises to the top,” said John Warnock, Adobe co-founder. “The creativity is in the design. The creativity is the person who uses the tools.”

The history of the application includes notable milestones in graphic design. The introduction of Artboards allowed creatives the flexibility to adapt designs to different sizes for print or screen. Live Corners and Live Shapes gave creatives the ability to manipulate width, height, and corner radius properties directly on the objects themselves.

Adobe became an early developer of Scalable Vector Graphics (.SVG) for the web with Illustrator. 64-bit migration and GPU rendering increased the speed of rendering for users almost tenfold. Last year, Adobe introduced Export for Screens, allowing creatives to save and export graphics in multiple sizes and formats with just one step.

As well as celebrating the anniversary, Adobe is asking users what they hope to see next in Illustrator CC.

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