Nvizible providing all VFX for Our Robot Overlords


Nvizible is undertaking a considerable amount of work for UK sci-fi film, Our Robot Overlords, starring Gillian Anderson and Sir Ben Kingsley, currently shooting in Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man

Our Robot Overlords is about a gang of children battling an alien robot invasion. Nvizible is providing all the VFX, while Nvizage is handling the previs.

The VFX team, supervised by Paddy Eason and with Gill James producing, are on location in Isle of Man at the moment. The work includes fully CG animated robots, flying vehicles, a spitfire plane, environments and explosions. The film is Nvizible’s second collaboration with Grabbers director Jon Wright and producer Piers Tempest.

With the previs provided by Nvizage the production is also using the specialist production tool Ncam. This enables virtual production through real-time camera tracking, providing live previsualisation of environments, set extensions and CGI elements directly in-camera whilst shooting.

“We are thrilled to be such a big part of this exciting British film, said Nvizible Managing Director and Our Robot Overlords Executive Producer, Nic Hatch. “Through Nvizible, Nvizage and Ncam we are able to bring the full spectrum of visual effects creativity and technology to the project.”

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