Birthday presents from onedotzero

To celebrate its position at at the forefront of digital culture for 15 years, international digital arts and design organisation onedotzero has teamed up with ustwo to launch a special onedotzero curated collection of Granimator packs.

Granimator is a creative graphics and sound based wallpaper creator for iPad and iPhone.

The user simply downloads a pack by an artist of their choice. They can then draw, tap, pinch, drag and interact with the graphical elements to create stunning compositions and soundscapes using the iPad’s multi-touch function. Finished designs can be shared via handsets or through social networking media: Twitter, Facebook and Flickr.

The packs have been created by some of onedotzero’s collaborators, friends and super talents; illustrators, graphic designers, animators, musicians and fashion designers whose work has been showcased by onedotzero over the last decade and a half. They hail from all over the globe – from Paris to Sau Paulo, Tokyo to Los Angeles and Sheffield to Sapporo via London.

Three brand new packs have been added to the collection and are available to download for free from the App store:

Deep Sea by Motomichi Studio [Brooklyn]

Renowned for character driven work, Motomichi Nakamura presents a deep-sea world of unnerving and mystical creatures in his signature black, white and red palette with a Japanese infused aesthetic.

Yeah Just There by Grant Orchard [London]

The BAFTA and Sundance award winning designer/ animator Grant Orchard presents a fun and saucy granimator pack with a mélange of vaguely erotic shapes that take a slightly comic and tounge in cheek twist.

Guará by Lobo [Sau Paulo]

As one of the first South American granimator creators, the award-winning graphic design and animation studio Lobo drew inspiration from Brazilian folklore and a shared love of mythology, imaginary beings, monsters and strange creatures to create layers of fantastical illustrations.

“What a bundle,” said Shane Walter, Co-Founder/Creative Director, onedotzero. “The diversity and range, staggering talent, and positivity for this collection are a fitting tribute to a decade and a half of adventures in moving image.”

The collaboration launched at onedotzero_adventures in motion festival in November 2011 with four releases from Punga, H5, 3KG and Hideyukia Tanaka.

The onedotzero curated collection will expand to at least 15 over the next six months, with future releases by Cassette Playa, Logan, Universal Everything, Richard Hogg, Tokyoplastic, Trevor Jackson, Troika and Intro.

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