£1m theft from CVP prompts register for stolen equipment

CVP, a supplier of broadcast technology and services to the UK television sector, has become the victim of one of the industry’s largest thefts when a substantial quantity of cameras, camcorders, lenses and ancillaries with a street value of around £1million was stolen from its warehouse on Friday 17th February.

Included in the theft are Canon and Sony cameras and Sennheiser radio microphone systems. The company said in a statement: “Whilst the loss is substantial, we are fortunate to be a large and resourceful organisation which remains fully operational. Please be assured that the effect on our ability to fulfil orders is minimal as we are already working closely with our key partners to replenish ‘lost’ stock on an accelerated basis.”

However if the goods aren’t recovered by the Police then it is very likely that this equipment will end up on the open market.  Therefore to help safeguard its customers (and competitors) from the associated risks, CVP has launched an on-line Stolen Equipment Register where you can easily enter as serial number and ascertain whether it’s been stolen from CVP or reported as stolen from elsewhere.


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