Project ROME revealed

During Adobe MAX 2009, I caught a glimpse of Project ROME, an AIR app from Adobe that seemed able to combine some key features of Photoshop, Flash, Fireworks and InDesign. Now that mysterious multifaceted product is on limited release from Adobe as a desktop or online app.

Templates are available when you open Project ROME

Templates are available when you open Project ROME

Available as a web-based application or desktop application, ROME allows you to work with text, graphics, photos, video and audio, while starter templates provide a jumpstart for creating reports, presentations, CD covers, business cards, websites and more.

Website image

ROME is a tool for creating content in multiple formats, including Websites like this

Tools are fast and responsive, with an easy to use contextual user interface, which shifts to suit the workflow at each stage of the creative process. You can add text, graphics or interactive items like buttons. Images, text and graphic elements can be resized and manipulated in the same way as Adobe’s pro applications.

It’s also possible to create your own SWF animation, or export, print or publish in a range of formats and outputs, including reports, presentations, animations, interactive documents and websites. You can then share the results within the Project ROME community or via external services using Adobe, or by publishing to social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Editing assets

Floating palettes allow editing of project assets such as interactive buttons

Project ROME is available through a free preview programme for a limited time. Final availability, pricing, and feature set are still under review. Once available, it will be offered as a paid subscription – so we’ll revisit it at that time to see what you’ll be paying for.

One more thing to add is that Project ROME for Education is available, as a separate offering designed for schools.

For more information visit the Project ROME site

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