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Directed by UBIK and described as ‘eco-friendly stop frame’, Not to Scale has produced a new animated commercial for Proctor and Gamble

Commercial for Proctor and Gamble by UBIK

The Not to Scale directors created  six 10-second environmentally friendly commercials for the FMCG giant, encouraging consumers to use products with less waste and packaging, saving energy and water.

Each commercial starts by presenting a range of Proctor and Gamble products set against brown recycled packaging paper. As the packs disappear they are replaced by a ring of gas flames that reduce down and are finally extinguished by a splash of water. The background scrunches up into a ball and as it unfolds again the Future Friendly logo is revealed.

All elements of the commercial were beautifully designed and hand crafted from a selection of Proctor and Gamble packaging and every item is animated under the camera using stop frame.

The commercial will be aired after Ariel commercials in 6 different European countries.


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Production Company: Not To Scale

Directors: UBIK

Producer: Lisa Hill

Agency: Grey London

Agency Producers: Mandy Saunders & Tom Pearce

Agency Creative: Gilles Montgomery

Stop Frame Animation: Mark Waring

Art Department: Andy Gent

DOP: Simon Paul

Compositor: Chris Garvin – Not To Scale

Voice Over: Samantha Bond

Audio Post: Scramble

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