Art show by Tom Lewis

Megan’s Soul Flowers © Tom Lewis

Megan’s Soul Flowers © Tom Lewis

What: Megan and the garden of Edo

Where: Maverick Showroom, Redchurch street London E2

When: 6th – 10th October, 2010

“Megan and the garden of Edo”, the first London pop up show by artist Tom Lewis takes place this October.

Lewis recently came to public notice after his work was included in the popular television show Junior Apprentice earlier this year.

The art features the fictional heroine  Megan, part- adventurer and part-schoolgirl. Tough but naïve, fearless but fragile, she ends up in situations where only dramatic and powerful decisions will enable her to survive. Megan travels through a fantastical world populated by enigmatic characters and curious animals – created from a collage of real life experiences, legends, stories, and popular and personal reconstructions drawn from Tom Lewis’ imagination.

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