Prime Focus calls for Krakatoa Beta Testers

Prime Focus Software, the R&D arm of Prime Focus, is seeking visual effects companies and individuals to participate in the Beta Testing program for Krakatoa 1.6.

Copyright: 2009 Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved.  Image courtesy of Prime Focus VFX

Krakatoa was used on the Stephen Sommers film “G.I. JOE: The Rise of Cobra” Copyright: 2009 Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved. Image courtesy of Prime Focus VFX

The software toolset is Prime Focus’ production-proven volumetric particle rendering, manipulation and management toolkit that creates believable natural phenomena like dust, smoke, silt, ocean surface foam, plasma and even solid objects.

Beta testers will get a sneak-peek at Krakatoa 1.6, which will be loaded with a host of new features and performance enhancements. This is an open beta program, so you don’t have to be a current client to join.

Krakatoa 1.6 will be unveiled at the SIGGRAPH annual conference, to be held in Los Angeles, Calif. from July 27-29 at the Los Angeles Convention Center at the Prime Focus booth #747. The actual release of Krakatoa 1.6 is scheduled for late August.

This new update will include the following:

· Overall improved performance, as all aspects of particle rendering are now multi-threaded, making this the fastest version of Krakatoa yet
· The addition of a dedicated Shadow Generator, compatible with other Autodesk 3ds Max renderers including Default Scanline, V-Ray and Brazil.
· Added support for dedicated Render Elements that utilize the Autodesk 3ds Max Render Elements management system.
· New operators and workflow improvements introduced for Magma, Krakatoa’s particle channel editor.
· Optimized navigation and performance of the user interface based on direct user feedback.

To join the Krakatoa 1.6 Beta Program, email:

Visit Prime Focus Software

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