In a collaboration with onedotzero and the Illustrious Company, Nexus directing duo Minivegas will create audio responsive visuals for the Red Bull Music Academy 3D Soundclash between record labels Warp and Ninja Tune.

The event, at London’s Royal Albert Hall on 18th February, is a very rare occasion to experience music and visuals in the basement of the venerable venue.

Working with designers Quayola and Thomas Traum, Minivegas will bring a spectacular visual dimension to a battle of audio giants.  Six artists from Ninja and Warp will ‘wage war’; playing 30-minute sets using Illustrious Company’s immersive 3D sound system, described as an audio version of Avatar.   Minivegas will collaborate to provide a unique 180-degree visual echo of each artist’s music that mirrors, follows and responds to their unique sounds.

The duo called the project a dream come true and were enthusiastic about creating audio responsive software for some of their favourite bands:  “It was also a lot of hard work but we feel that we’ve pulled off something amazing. The whole 3D sound system from Illustrious just tipped it all off.  This was one of those cool jobs that you don’t come across very often!”

onedotzero industries collaborates with talent on a range of unique productions for brands and bands alike. “Minivegas were the perfect partners for this unusual one off gig for their talent in working in code, interactivity and visual creation,” said Shane Walter, Creative Director.  “Alongside talents of Quayola and Thomas Traum this will prove to be an exceptional experience!”

According to Lucy Noble, Head of Programming at the Royal Albert Hall, The Loading Bay (where the event will be held) is the hub of the Royal Albert Hall, dealing with show deliveries on a day-to-day basis. “We are constantly looking for new ways in which we can use this incredible space and this innovative and pioneering gig with the Red Bull Music Academy seems the perfect fit,” she added.

Red Bull Music Academy 3D Soundclash full line up:

Plaid DJ Set (Warp, London)

The Bug with Flow Dan & Daddy Freddy (Ninja Tune, London)

Clark (Warp, London)

DJ Food (Ninja Tune, London)

Mira Calix (Warp, London)

King Cannibal (Ninja Tune, London)

3D sound by Illustrious Company

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Directed by: Minivegas (at Nexus Productions)
Content produced by: Nexus Productions (Nexus Producer Beccy McCray)
Creatives: Quayola (designer), Thomas Traum (designer), Minivegas (programmer), Field (programmer)
Production: onedotzero industries

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