By the numbers

Not To Scale directors Vincent have designed MTV’s end of year countdown, as well as a flurry of toy-themed stings and sequences


Commissioned by MTV’s World Design Studio’s Carlos Carrasco and Anna Caregnato, the package had to encompass 10 different programmes ranging from ‘MTV’s biggest and best Music Videos’ of the year to more quirky content like ‘MTV Top Ten Stars with Multiple Talents’.



Carlos Carrasco, MTV’s Art Director, wanted the package to shout pop, but still be edgy and atmospheric. The desired tone was very much about being celebratory and at the same time had to visualise the idea that pop goes to battle and only the best reach the top.



This idea sparked Vincent directors John Hill and Rheea Aranha to conceive a high octane effervescent ‘toyland’. The sequence starts with neon orbs floating up into a dark space through colourful apertures in the floor. More strobing sprites and triangular blocks float up into the space to erect a saccharine world. As the euphoria builds, the sprites eventually collect at the top of the world to form a floating installation that reads ‘MTV Top Ten’.


Design and production took approximately five weeks, using a combination of live action textures, 2D/3D Artwork and 3D animation to create the sequence. To compliment the main opening film, Vincent created various stings, a closer and 10 countdown number animations revealed via floor burrows.


The package is to become one of MTV’s on-air global staples for the next three years.

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Title: MTV Top Ten
Client: MTV Networks International, World Design Studio (WDS)
Directors/Design: ‘Vincent’ – John Hill, Rheea Aranha
Music: Denis Ducasse
MTV Creatives: Roberto Bagatti (Vice President, Creative, WDS), Anna Caregnato (Associate Creative Director,WDS), Carlos Carrasco (Art Director, WDS)

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