Mouthing off

Sonny has created a humorous spot for Mentos Aqua Kiss, with VFX and post work supplied by Finish.
mouthing_off_beatboxer1 Director Guy Manwaring’s latest piece of work stars two well-known Beatboxers, Neil Thomas & Killa Kella, posing as duelling young men. Outside a gas station in the middle of nowhere, they try to out-do each other with their incredible beatboxing abilities.

mouthing_off_beatboxer5A beautiful girl looks on until one of the boys eventually runs out of steam and takes a packet of Mentos Aqua Kiss from his pocket.  Moments after placing one in his mouth, he is transformed into a super-charged and refreshed opponent and fights back, beatboxing at the most intense and alarming speed, his mouth working overtime.  He is the triumphant winner and the girl jumps on top of him, clearly overcome.

mouthing_off_beatboxer6Jason Watts at Finish carried out the VFX work and was on set to supervise the shoot, which took place in Prague. Watts helped augment the actor’s mouth beatboxing at a high speed after being ‘refreshed’ with a Mentos Aqua Kiss. A compressed air gun was pointed at the actor’s face whilst beatboxing, distorting his face. However, this also caused his hair to blow everywhere. In a classic case of ‘fixing it in post’, Watts had to track this distorted mouth on to a clean shot of the actor’s face.


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Title:Beat It
Client: Mentos, Aqua Kiss
Production Company:Sonny
Director: Guy Manwaring
Producer:  Alice Grant
Film Editor: Mark Edinoff at The Quarry
Creative Director: Jon Fox
Creatives:Brad Woolf & Dan Bailey
Agency Producer: Sam Robinson
Post Production Co:Finish
Producer: Justine White
VFX: Jason Watts & Steve Murgatroyd
Telecine: Jean Clement at MPC

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