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Rabbit Williams

Prime Focus has completed the post work on a promo inspired by Alice in Wonderland for Robbie Williams’ latest single, You Know Me

Revelation: Michael Fink on View-D

Revelation: Michael Fink on View-D

Stereoscopic film – 3D – is easy, right? Wrong. It’s actually fraught with difficulties from the filmmakers’ point of view. Now Michael Fink, CEO Prime Focus VFX and Oscar-winning visual effects supervisor, can reveal...

Garbage man

A campaign for the French Environmental Agency (Ademe), features a ‘rubbish’ monster created by MPC, which follows people around as they go about their daily routine.

Cheesy tale

Directors dom&nic have directed Kerry Low Low’s latest commercial Mouse, with a MPC team creating a fully CG rodent and 50,000 traps

New Focus

New Focus

Prime Focus has merged facilities in the UK, USA and India into a single global company and announced a new 2D to 3D conversion process

Fashion Circuit

Typhoon CP has created a film to represent the avant-garde and experimental designs of the Boudicca couture fashion house, with post work by UNIT

Aerial infection

Prime Focus VFX has created 124 effects shots for the Stephen Sommers film “G.I. JOE: The Rise of Cobra”,  work that entailed building a complex animation pipeline and orchestrating a flying swarm of bioweaponry for an aerial sequence.

Earning power

Causing a bit of controversy in the 3D industry, vfxwages.com promises to offer VFX, animation and games industry professionals a database of typical salary figures for their job role and geographical location.

Pond life

Hollywood VFX veteran Michael Fink unveils his directing debut for Indian TV – an amphibious Prime Focus commercial for Lotte Coffy Bite toffee.

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