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Aerial infection

Prime Focus VFX has created 124 effects shots for the Stephen Sommers film “G.I. JOE: The Rise of Cobra”,  work that entailed building a complex animation pipeline and orchestrating a flying swarm of bioweaponry for an aerial sequence.

Pond life

Hollywood VFX veteran Michael Fink unveils his directing debut for Indian TV – an amphibious Prime Focus commercial for Lotte Coffy Bite toffee.

Crafting the perfect showreel

The traditional way of whittling down applicants for 3D jobs is to view showreels. But how can you make sure your reel makes the interview shortlist?



 Medieval mayhem- Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood, produced by Universal Pictures, contains a wealth of visual effects from the Moving Picture Company and Prime Focus.  Worldbuster- creating Roland Emmerich’s 2012 2012...

Metamorphic music

Ingenuity Engine’s futuristic music promo for ‘I Can Transform Ya’, features singer Chris Brown, producer Swizz Beatz and rapper Lil Wayne as they deconstruct and shapeshift into sports cars, armoured tanks, helicopters and other...

Rabbit Williams

Prime Focus has completed the post work on a promo inspired by Alice in Wonderland for Robbie Williams’ latest single, You Know Me

Revelation: Michael Fink on View-D

Revelation: Michael Fink on View-D

Stereoscopic film – 3D – is easy, right? Wrong. It’s actually fraught with difficulties from the filmmakers’ point of view. Now Michael Fink, CEO Prime Focus VFX and Oscar-winning visual effects supervisor, can reveal...

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