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No strings

SpeakeasyFX has created the first 3D animated series to be part of the Sesame Street television programme.

Reanimated anime

Astro Boy, the long-awaited animated film version by Imagi Studios of the iconic Japanese manga character, was created using a Maya-based, around-the-clock production pipeline spanning Hong Kong and Hollywood.

Cell animation

Animation and design studio Plastic Milk has created a CG film to highlight Vidaza, a new drug in the fight against MDS, a blood disorder which leads to leukemia.

Cheesy tale

Directors dom&nic have directed Kerry Low Low’s latest commercial Mouse, with a MPC team creating a fully CG rodent and 50,000 traps

Energy matters

Nexus directors Tom & Mark have completed work on a new animated spot to promote The Energy Saving Trust.

Human nature

Not To Scale’s Man Vs Magnet has just completed a heart-warming film for Nokia and Wieden + Kennedy London

Cereal offenders

Aardman’s Stefan Marjoram has directed a series of spots for Nestlè Cheerios, featuring a light-fingered family of CGI characters intent on stealing breakfast

Dynamic debut

A new project for Zurich Connect sees Not to Scale director Chris Ketchell bring his characters from the world of stop-frame animation into 3D for the first time.

Retro planet

Retro planet

Not To Scale’s Steve Scott and cult illustrator Will Sweeney have created an intergalactic extravanganza for Birdy Nam Nam

Potato parade

Potato parade

th1ng director Daniel Cohen has created a charming commercial for Kettle Chips, with Rushes carrying out the full post

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